Watercraft Accident Injuries

Watercraft Accident Injuries Buffalo Boating Accident Attorneys Personal Injury LawyersHere in Buffalo, we are rapidly approaching summer which means the warm weather is going to make us want to enjoy the outdoors. In the summer, going on a boat is a leisurely and cherished activity. However, when you are injured on a boat, this can really take the fun out of summer for you. Watercraft accident injuries can be severe and perhaps even life-altering. Call our Buffalo attorneys to schedule your free consultation!

Watercraft Accident Injuries | Types of Boats

During this time of the year, we get calls from clients who, either themselves or relatives, were involved in boating accidents. The watercraft accidents currently of the year consist of leisure boats, fishing boats, jet skis, and party boats. Because in Buffalo the summer is so short, everybody who has a boat is usually out there using it. Weekends are very busy around here. Because you don’t have the same protections as an enclosed vehicle such as seat belts, a roof, and air bags, the injuries can become quite significant.

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Watercraft Accident Injuries | Types of Injuries

The most common types of injuries we see in watercraft accidents are contusions, bumps, and bruises, but also broken bones, head injuries, and traumatic brain injuries because when the impact or collisions do occur, people typically get thrown about quite seriously. There are not the same protections in a watercraft that there are in vehicles, so there are a lot of impact accidents as opposed to a car accident where there is a lot of whipping, and cervical acceleration/deceleration because you are held tightly in the seat by the seat belt. Watercraft accidents can be a much more severe type of impact accident.

If you have sustained any of these watercraft accident injuries, please call our experienced Buffalo personal injury attorneys today to get a free consultation.

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