What You Should Do If Involved in a Fender Bender

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This past Friday, January 1, I was driving home from New York City and was at a red light. I was in the furthest left lane out of three lanes. While we were stopped at a red light, I wanted to move over all the way to the right lane. I looked behind me and to my right and there were no cars coming. As I was in the process of passing through the middle lane, the lady in the middle lane started backing up backed right into my front right bumper. She was very distressed as it was her first accident and I calmed her down and made sure she was ok. I asked her what she wanted to do as there wasn’t so much damage to either of our cars. I asked her if she rather go through insurance or pay me directly (as she did back up right into me) and she said she rather pay me the money and not deal with the insurance. I said that was fine and we drove off.

Two days later, after getting a quote from a body shop, she is now saying that her mother is not paying and she wants to go through insurance and that I hit her. I have a picture of her license, picture of her license plate, and a couple of texts from that day after we drove off saying that she didn’t see me while she was backing up.


As an experienced Buffalo Personal Injury Attorney I would advise you to turn it over to your insurance company immediately along with any evidence that you have. Also, you can even bring a small claims action to recover your collision deductible if further financial coverage is needed.

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