Will You Have To Testify in Court?

In personal injury cases, one question I always receive as a Buffalo Injury Lawyer is, “Will I have to testify in court?” We are often able to negotiate with insurance companies and settle cases rather than actually having to go to trial; however, it is very important that the insurance companies know your attorney is willing to take your case to trial – because if an insurance company  knows a certain attorney always prefers to settle cases, they will use that knowledge to their advantage. They know certain attorneys will try to persuade clients to settle their cases to avoid proceeding to the level of a trial. We try a high percentage of our cases.

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We will not try a case if we are confident in our ability to secure a reasonable dollar figure under our client’s specific circumstances. Ultimately, the determination as to whether we go to trial and your testimony is required is made by the client. I tell my clients, “I am the employee and, as my client, you are the employer. I will guide you and advise you in terms of value and whether you should proceed to trial. Ultimately, that decision is up to you.”

Are you worried that you may have to testify in court about your personal injury?  Contact experienced Buffalo Injury Lawyer Robert Maranto for guidance. He offers free consultations and would be happy to sit down with you and go over the specifics of your injury case.

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