4 Bicycle Accident Tips

Did you or a loved one get injured while riding your bike? Check out these 4 bicycle accident tips, then contact our Buffalo attorneys today.

Bicycle Accident Settlement Offers

4 Bicycle Accident TipsA common question from actual clients is, “If I was involved in a bicycle accident in New York, should I accept the insurance company’s first offer?” The is always no. That’s for a good reason because the insurance carrier will deal with you differently than if you have an attorney. With us, they understand that if they don’t deal fairly, we can escalate it to the next level of litigation, and push them in that way, and get the courts involved. When it’s you on your own, I’ve never seen an initial offer be one that’s fair compensation. We’ve never been able to not get a better result for our clients than what they were attempting to initially get themselves. It’s for good reason. If you are a specialist, or you learn your job trade, or your career, and if you’re operating outside of that trying your own claim, you’re doing so maybe to your own detriment. I would definitely turn that down and talk to an attorney about it. Let them help you and represent you to get the best result that you can.

Bicycle Accident Insurance Coverage

I get clients asking me whether or not their own insurance provides benefits or will protect them if they’re on their bicycle in an accident. The answer is yes. In New York state, the car that strikes you is the primary insurance coverage for both the no-fault benefits we’ve discussed in other videos, and pain, or suffering, or bodily injury benefits. Your own insurance can protect you for additional no-fault benefits and for extra benefits as well as excess or additional personal injury protection and additional protection for bodily injury, pain and suffering compensation depending on if your personal limits are higher than that of the car that struck you.

Hit by a Car While Riding a Bike

  • If possible, try to photo document the scene around you following an accident
  • Take picture of the injury, the car that hit you, and get notes from any witnesses who saw the accident take place

Doored by a Parked Car

We actually do get claims from people who are riding a bicycle and are injured when somebody who was in a parked car opens their door into their path of travel. A bicycle does have a right to be on the roadway and in the traffic lanes, and so if, in fact, you are traveling in that lane of travel and somebody opens the car door into you, you may have a right to a claim against the owner or operator of that vehicle.

Were you or a loved one riding your bicycle and have been hit and are now injured? After reading these 4 bicycle accident tips, contact our Buffalo Bicycle Accident Attorneys to schedule a free legal consultation and case evaluation to get started on your claim.

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