5 Common Questions About Medical Treatment

How does a general practitioner help if you get hurt? Read these 5 common questions about medical treatment, then call our Buffalo attorneys.

1) If I’m seriously injured in an auto accident, how can my chiropractor help?

  • 5 Questions Common About Medical TreatmentChiropractors cannot provide medication to their patients, but do manipulations of their spines and necks
  • The vertebrae can be shifted out of place after an accident, so a chiropractor will try to re-align them
  • Chiropractors also take pressure off of nerves and muscles in the spine so the body can heal itself

2) What is important to know about CAT Scans?

  • CAT Scans are multiple x-rays used with the assistance of a computer to easily find damages and deformities in hard tissue areas of the body
  • You are exposed to a little more radiation in a CAT Scan, but the images are much more detailed and clear, especially when looking for hairline fractures

3) How can a neurologist help with your personal injury case?

  • Neurologists assist with nerve damage, and assist individuals with migraine type of headaches
  • Neurologists treat patients with therapy, medication, and injections
  • They treat medically, not surgically, for individuals with distinct pain in their arms, hands, legs, and toes
  • Their main goal is to relieve and control these symptoms so individuals can live a normal lifestyle

4) What is important to know about physical therapy and your personal injury?

  • Physical therapy can take place before surgery and after surgery.
  • Physical therapists try to strengthen the muscles in the injured area of the individual’s body.
  • By continuously moving the injured area, the body will naturally heal itself and build strength and mobility.
  • Individuals do multiple sessions of physical therapy so that the patient does not require additional surgery.

5) How does a general practitioner help when you sustain a serious injury?

  • The No Fault System is geared against individuals who are injured.
  • It is important to have a specialist that is familiar with the No Fault System.
  • It is crucial to find out what is wrong with you before a doctor provided by your insurance company tells you that you no longer require treatment.

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