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Bicycle Accident Compensation

Were you seriously injured in a bike accident and wondering how bicycle accident compensation in New York is determined? Watch this video to find out.[/vc_column_text]

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What type of benefits are available after a bicycle accident?


People ask, “What kind of benefits are available to you if you’re injured riding a bike and hit by a car in New York state?” Those benefits are the same as if you were a passenger in that vehicle, in that you get the no-fault benefit, but it comes through the insurance carrier for the vehicle that struck you.Bicycle Accident CompensationThose benefits are the basic no-fault benefit of your lost wages for three years, medical mileage for one year, and medical treatment potentially forever until you either exhaust that vehicle’s no-fault benefit limit, or the insurance carrier attempts to cut you off by way of one of their medical exams. That’s the first layer of coverage. Then there are additional benefits possible available through your own personal policy or from your parent’s household policy as well.

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