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Bicycle Accident Injuries

Were you struck by a car while riding your bike? Watch this video to learn how our Buffalo injury lawyer can help you recover from serious bicycle accident injuries.

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What type of injuries are typical in a bicycle versus car accident?


One of the things that we noticed when we have clients who present with a bicycle versus car accident claim is the damages can be much more extensive. They don’t have the protection of being in a vehicle. You don’t have the structure, the airbags, or the seat belts. When we’re dealing with a person on a bicycle struck by a car, the injuries can be much more extensive. Oftentimes, we’re dealing with fractures. Often, there’s head trauma because those are the most vulnerable parts of the body that are struck by these vehicles.Bicycle Accident InjuriesDamages can differ significantly based upon impact, the points of impact, and what happened afterward. Was the person thrown into the air? Did they crumble up against the car? Did they go against the windshield? The damages can be much more extensive if you’re dealing with a bicyclist versus car accident.

Were you or a loved one suffering with serious bicycle accident injuries? Contact a Buffalo bicycle accident lawyer at Andrews, Bernstein, Maranto and Nicotra today for a free confidential consultation and case evaluation. Let our experience work for you.

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