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Bus Accident Insurance Settlements

Were you seriously injured in a bus wreck? Watch this video about bus accident insurance settlements to learn how long these cases take.

I’m asked on a regular basis by potential clients whether they should take an offer from an insurance company or bus company early on. What I tell all of my clients is that early on, we never know exactly what’s wrong with you. There are many times that my clients have had injuries that in the first several months have been bad, but not horrific, but then have degenerated into worse injuries. I’ve had many clients who have, before contacting me, signed releases with insurance companies and/or bus companies who have paid them what I would describe as a pittance, considering their injuries, and then later on were prevented from pursuing the claim further because that release was executed.

Before executing a release, it is absolutely imperative that you know that your injuries have either plateaued or that they are all better. We need to know what the final prognosis is. I ask the doctors to look ahead 10 years from now because the value of your case is not only dependent on the pain and suffering you had up until the date of the settlement, but more importantly, is what you’re going to look like years from now. Are you going to be the same, better, or are you going to have degenerated? If the issue is that you could get worse, you may get worse, or it’s likely that you’re going to get worse, then the compensation has to come from the insurance company or the bus company to compensate you for that as well. I would say please do not sign anything until you’ve talked to us.
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