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Buffalo Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Discusses Responsibility for Injuries or Death in an Accident

motorcycle accident

Clients who have recently been injured in a motorcycle accident often call me and ask, “who is responsible for my injuries if they were caused by another vehicle”.  In New York State, the person who was driving or operating the other vehicle is responsible, as well as the registered and titled owners who are vicariously liable. That […]

Buffalo Motorcycle Accident Attorney Discusses Insurance Coverage in a Motorcycle Accident

What Happens When a Motorcycle Accident Occurs?

As a Buffalo Motorcycle Injury Attorney I am often asked what goes on during a motorcycle accident with insurance compared to a car in New York.  When motorcycle accidents occur there are some drastic differences between that and a car accident. When you are either a passenger or a driver of a car that is […]

Buffalo Injury Lawyer Discusses Common Motorcycle Accidents

Buffalo Injury Lawyer Discusses Common Motorcycle Accidents

I am often asked about the most common types of motorcycle accidents in New York.  When someone is in a motorcycle accident, the types of injuries sustained are often different than those in a typical car accident. Often you get road rash or road burn from your skin in contact with the pavement or concrete as […]

Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

As a Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer I often am asked about motorcycle accidents.  Motorcycle accidents are among the most tragic and serious injury causing events on the roads. Motorcyclists are the most vulnerable because they don’t have the same protections as people driving in cars.  Many times, motorcycles can be less visible than a car […]

Buffalo Auto Accident Lawyer Discusses a Recent Success Story with a Motorcycle

Recent Success Story with a Motorcycle

As a Buffalo Auto Accident Lawyer I had a recent result with a young man who was involved in a motorcycle accident. Unfortunately, he sustained many of the injuries that we talk about on our other videos for people who are in these types of crashes; road rash, a knee injury, or a shoulder injury […]