Child Required CPR at the Pool

Having a Claim if Your Child Required CPR at a Public Pool

Has your child required CPR at the pool from a swimming accident? Check out this article for guidance, then give our Buffalo attorneys a call.

In this video, Attorney Richard Nicotra discusses what you should legally do if your child needed CPR while at a public pool.  Contact one of our experienced personal injury attorneys in Buffalo NY if you were injured.

In the past, we’ve gotten calls from parents who have had the misfortune experience of having their child need CPR while at a public pool. While some of those cases turn out tragically, in others the child makes a better recovery. That’s why, when responding to those calls, we look into it first. We ask, “What caused the need for the administration of CPR?” For example, was it caused by a lack of attention from the lifeguards, did the child slip and fall into that water or, were other children horsing around and holding the child under water?

The next questions are important too. Once first aid was administered, was the CPR done properly? Was the ambulance called in a timely manner? If any delays occurred, for example, did those delays cause or worsen the damage? If the administration of the CPR was done improperly, did that cause damage? Also, was the initial drowning or near drowning caused by predictable factors? Sometimes, for example, under staffing of lifeguards may be a contributing factor. We’ve had claims where there were just too many people in the pool. If you have too many heads in the pool and not enough lifeguards watching, unfortunately these things can and do happen.

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