Choosing an Industrial Accident Attorney

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How do I pick the best attorney for my industrial accident claim?


When choosing an attorney for an industrial accident, it’s necessary to make sure that the attorney has been previously involved in cases involving similar situations. There are a number of moving parts that come along with industrial accidents, Choosing an Industrial Accident Attorney from dealing with employers and workers’ compensation, to oftentimes having to deal with agencies of the federal and state governments who are involved in pursuing these cases, and dealing with OSHA in order to determine whether or not there have been any violations.
The individual who is choosing an attorney needs to make sure that attorney is willing to go forward with a trial in their case. All too often, there are personal injury attorneys that believe that they should be settling every case. At our firm, we are trial attorneys, and the insurance companies know that our law firm will take cases to trial. In industrial accident cases, the law firms and the defendants in these cases very rarely roll over, and if you have an attorney that’s not willing to spend the money to have the experts available for the case and take it to trial, it’s the wrong attorney.

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