Cost and Expenses in an Accident Case

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Obviously this is an impossible question to answer specifically. Still, I have a Personal Injury case against a DWI convicted driver, and injuries to myself (required hospitalization and surgery).  The driver had a $100k insurance. We’ve gotten that policy amount. (Then go after my $500 ($400 difference) under-insurance). I have no idea how expenses and costs tend to run. Fees are already fixed at 1/3 after expenses.
We had to hire an investigator to talk with witnesses and police (2 people, plus several police, and a couple more potential witnesses that didn’t have any info). I have done 5  depositions.

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I’m hoping you’ll share some of the amounts you’ve seen won in other cases. I have no idea whether it can run $15k or $100k…. I’m sure it can vary a lot!  It will be a while before I see the actual expense report. (I’m simply not getting timely responses and haven’t tracked down why)


As an experienced Buffalo Personal Injury Attorney, I can tell you that it does vary a lot. Most of the big expenses are incurred at trial. However, you have expenses for an investigator that may run a couple thousand. It sounds like your case can easily bear the expense with $100K tendered and a significant SUM limit available.

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