Examples of Tripping Hazards in Buffalo

Examples of Tripping Hazards

Tripping can be embarrassing but it can also cause you some serious injuries. In your day to day environment, you may encounter a tripping hazard that causes you an injury. If you were to fall due to these hazards, you may have a personal injury claim. There is nothing worse than getting hurt because of someone else’s negligent to care for their property. Here are some examples of tripping hazards in Buffalo.

Home Owner Injuries

From a home owner or property owner’s perspective and the victim of the fall, when confronted with a tripping hazard during dangerous conditions can cause very serious injuries. There can be things such as cables, wires, poles, natural hazards, roots, fallen tree branches or things that occur in terrain. Other tripping hazards are man-made, some are created, and some accrue overtime.

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Sidewalk Injuries

Water seepage over a sidewalk that can lift up to a condition where it’s dangerous. You can have structures that have shifted because of freezing and thawing. A tripping hazard in general is any type of structure or item that is not where it’s supposed to be, either it’s elevated, seeping out of the ground, on a constructions site, or even at a home on the backyard like garden tools, or things that are stacked up.

Tripping hazards are a general way of saying, these items are dangerous to people who are passing by and if you fall victim to something that should have been cleaned up or fixed then we may be able to have a claim for you and for your personal injury medical bills that was a result from a tripping hazard.

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