Important Info on Personal Injury Cases

Important Info on Personal Injury CasesIf you have been injured in a slip and fall accident or motor vehicle crash, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries. If the accident occurred because of the negligence of someone else, you can file a personal injury claim by contacting our experienced Buffalo attorneys. Here is some important info on personal injury cases that should be helpful.

Statute of Limitations

In most New York personal injury cases, there is what is known as a statute of limitations. These are time limits that guide you through when you need to have your claim settled or you bring your case. For cases such as car accidents, slip and falls on private properties, dog bites, etc. you will have three years. If it is a medical malpractice case, slip and fall on municipality property, or the government caused your accident such as a pothole causing your bike accident, the time limits gets shorter. Medical malpractice requires a two year and six-month deadline, and some government injuries require a notice within 90 days. That is something you need to discuss with an attorney right away to make sure you don’t miss the deadline. If you miss it, your case is thrown out by the liable party’s insurance company. Additionally, you should not wait until the deadline to get this case to an attorney. They might not be able to help you if you make it to them a week before the statute of limitations runs out. It takes time for us to do our job and prepare your case. Make sure you call our office as soon as possible so you don’t risk losing your compensation. This is not the time to procrastinate.

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Insurance Coverage

Compensation is important. You were hurt due to negligent behavior and you deserve to claim your damages. In New York, you lucky get to benefit from no-fault insurance. That is money to pay for your lost wages, medical bills, and expenses. In cases where your no-fault insurance doesn’t cover the extent of your injuries, you can pursue more from the negligent party’s insurance company. We will ensure that we are taking all possible avenues to get you the compensation that you deserve. You should not have to worry about how you and your family are going to make ends meet because you’ve been bed-ridden and used up your sick days. We do not tolerate the insurance companies dodging you or bullying you out of getting compensation. We fight for your rights.

If you have any questions relating to personal injury cases, please contact our experienced Buffalo personal injury lawyers today to schedule a free consultation.

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