Industrial Accident Insurance Investigation

Were you seriously injured in an accident? Learn about the industrial accident insurance investigation and how you can best protect your rights.


Should I speak to an insurance company after an industrial accident?


Industrial Accident Insurance Investigation As with any case, my advice to my client is to have as little communication with anyone regarding how the accident happened or the injuries as possible. This is particularly true for insurance companies. Remember that insurance companies have a profit motive, that they are paid a fee to protect the defendant in your case, and in paying that fee, the defendant turns over all the responsibility to the insurance companies. Even though the insurance company may seem friendly to you, rest assured that they are not. Their job is to minimize the amount that they have to pay on your case. What they will do is try to get information from you that they will use later on against you. In all cases, particularly in industrial cases where the injuries can be catastrophic, I would encourage anyone to refrain from talking to any insurance companies until they have an attorney involved.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in an accident and have questions about industrial accident insurance investigations?
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