Industrial Accident Settlement Offers

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Should I accept a settlement offer from an insurance company?


Oftentimes in industrial accidents, individuals who are injured have union representation. Prior to doing anything in these cases, your union rep should be contacted. Industrial Accident Settlement Offers If an employer or an insurance company request that you sign something and you’re not represented by a union or a representative, the simple advice is don’t do it. Employers have a vested interest, from an OSHA standpoint, in New York State to try to insulate themselves from fault for any type of accident. Despite the fact that you as a plaintiff cannot sue your employer in New York State, rest assured, in an industrial accident, OSHA and New York State will be investigating to see if there have been violations of state or federal law.
When the employer asks you to sign something in that regard, there is no good that can come from it. Specifically, if an insurance company ever asks you to sign anything, the answer is a straightforward no. Insurance companies have an even more vested interest in trying to get individuals to execute documentation that is not in their best interest. It has no beneficial purpose for the plaintiff to execute anything on behalf of an insurance company.

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