Injuries Sustained in a Low Damage Accident

Have you been severely hurt in an auto accident and have injuries sustained in a low damage accident? Call our Buffalo lawyers to get started.

When clients first come to our firm, I explain to them as a Buffalo Car Accident Lawyer that insurance companies will not take you seriously unless they know that your attorney is willing to take the case to trial. A good illustration of that is a case that we just settled. In this case, my client was rear-ended by a vehicle. In the accident, the insurance company was claiming that our client could not be injured as badly as they were claiming because there was only $60 worth of damage to their vehicle. As a result, they offered us very little money to settle the case. Our client had been injured badly and we were making a claim that those injuries were going to affect her for the rest of her life. Ultimately, about six months prior to trial, the insurance company offered us $350,000 to settle the case, which I rejected.

As we approached trial, the insurance company continued negotiations. Approximately 60 days before trial, they offered us $600,000. Quite frankly, in that case there was a concern because their doctors were indicating that our client was not injured in the case. The defense also hired an expert indicating that the forces of the vehicle could not have produced an injury. We made motions to preclude those experts and also had our own experts prepared to come in and testify to the contrary. We rejected the $600,000 and continued to proceed toward trial. Ultimately, on the eve of trial, the insurance company settled the case for approximately $1.1 million. This is a good illustration as to the difference among personal injury attorneys. I advise clients as a Buffalo Car Accident Lawyer that many personal injury attorneys would have accepted the $600,000 because the case had some tricky issues instead of pushing it. Ultimately we were able to maximize the amount we were able to get for our client by being persistent and calm, and making sure the insurance company knew that if we did not get to the number we wanted, the case was going to be decided by a jury.

If you have been seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident in New York and have injuries sustained in a low damage accident, contact our experienced Buffalo Car Accident Lawyers. Schedule your free confidential consultation and legal case evaluation as soon as possible to learn your rights and receive the compensation you deserve.

This blog was provided by Robert Maranto, an experienced Buffalo Car Accident Lawyer.

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