Buffalo Motorcycle Accident Attorney Discusses Compensation for Accident Victims

As an experienced Buffalo Motorcycle Accident Attorney, I am often asked by clients who are involved in a motorcycle wreck what type of compensation they are entitled to as a result of being injured while riding a motorcycle. Initially, of course, the pain and suffering component is important. Also economic loss; any lost wages that were caused as a direct result of the motorcycle accident. Another issue which is typically unique to motorcycle accidents as opposed to car accidents, are the medical bills. I advise clients as a Buffalo Motorcycle Accident Attorney that because you are not protected by the New York State No Fault insurance or the No Fault statute, medical bills become the responsibility of the person who is injured. We look to the other car for any medical payments provisions, but can also add unreimbursed medical expenses caused by your crash as a component to your claim.

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This blog was provided by Richard Nicotra, one of our experienced Buffalo Motorcycle Accident Attorneys.