Medical Causation Case Success Story

Experienced Buffalo injury attorney Richard Nicotra discusses a recent medical causation case success story in this video. Contact our office today for a free confidential consultation. Contact one of our experienced personal injury lawyers in Buffalo NY if you were injured.

As far as recent events go, I had a case resolve a few weeks ago that was a very unique fact pattern. My client was a patron at a local concert hall and another patron, who had been there for some time and who had been drinking there at that facility, had actually got up and leapt off of the balcony and landed on her and her boyfriend. It was a tricky case, not so much because of the happening but because it took awhile for her to receive proper diagnosis, proper treatment, and eventually a proper surgery to help fix her problems.

During the number of years after the accident, it was very frustrating for her. The insurance companies, for both the patron that jumped and for the bar, didn’t take it very seriously because the treatment – she didn’t have very definitive diagnosis, and more important, didn’t have very definitive recommendations for how to get better and/or a surgical repair, which she eventually got. We had to deal with huge gaps of treatment. We had to deal with issues of them arguing a lack of causal connection to the surgery that took place three or four years after the happening of the accident. That’s often tricky to link that up when you have such a time frame that goes by, and also big gaps in treatment.

She’d become frustrated with the process. She wasn’t getting better. She stopped going to the doctor every week because it just – for her, it was just a short term relief. Fortunately, after a series of three or four mediations, after the case was in suit, after some depositions were done, after medical exams were performed, I was able to get her a really fantastic result. It was a very tricky case, regarding medical causation to get there, though.
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