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Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Motorcycle Accident Case

Experienced Buffalo Accident lawyer Richard Nicotra details the common mistakes that can hurt your motorcycle accident case in this educational video.

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The most common mistakes that can hurt your motorcycle accident case that we see is the failure to ascertain witness information, and to take photos of the placement of the motorcycle in relation to the car after they come to rest. Most often these accidents are the fault of the driver of the car, the motorcyclist is severely injured because they lack protection. It’s often helpful if a loved one who comes on the scene after the person is safely taken care of, to take photos before anything is removed.  You can also ask the people who are standing around the scene if they saw it, and if they wouldn’t mind giving their name and phone number.

Witnesses don’t have a choice. People often say well, I didn’t want to get involved. By way of the court’s subpoena power, they have to get involved. If they saw an incident, they have an obligation to testify honestly about what they witnessed. If you cannot get information at the scene from them voluntarily, please take down plate numbers and a description of what they look like, and that will help us track down a witness that might not be eager to help.

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