Neurologists and your Personal Injury Case

Neurologists are nerve doctors that are engaged in the treatment of disorders caused by the nervous system. Neurologists oftentimes see people that have injuries that cause significant, reoccurring headaches.

When there’s an individual who is having migraine headaches, or “discogenic” headaches, they will get referred to a neurologist. A neurologist has a number of treatments – including therapies, medications, and injections that help people that get these headache types. Neurologists are also instrumental in treatment of  “peripheral nerve problems” which causes radicular pain (pain down into the hands, arms, legs, feet, toes).

The neurologists have multiple options, they aren’t surgeons and do not treat surgically. They treat medically through therapy, to control the symptoms that individuals who are afflicted can regain their ability to engage again in daily living.

This blog was provided by Robert Maranto, an experienced personal injury lawyer.