New York Child Victims Act

Governor Cuomo has signed the New York child victims act into law giving survivors a new avenue to seek out justice. Watch this video to learn more.


What is the New York Child Victims Act?


A question you may ask is, “What is important to know about the Child Victims Act in New York State?”New York Child Victims Act It’s a law that was just recently passed. Before that, you only had until age 23 years old for sexual abuse by somebody when you were a minor, whether it be a teacher, a coach, or a priest. That has been changed. Even with those old cases, that might now be time-barred, there will be a new window of opportunity beginning in the summer of 2019, and then it will close one year later in the summer 2020. It will be that older cases are allowed to be brought and filed as if they were still timely.

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