Pool Injury Claim

Pool Injury Claim Buffalo Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers AttorneysWith the start of summer right around the corner, you may be getting excited about taking your kids to the pools. However, if they slip and fall and seriously injure themselves, you may be feeling angry that the facility did nothing to prevent the accident. Here is a pool injury claim that we won.

We recently had a successful outcome when I went to trial and obtained a jury verdict in a case against a municipality. The causative event happened at one of the local pools in an area where water had accumulated and puddled up on an entry stairway inside the building. The municipality maintained that they were not at fault at all and, up until trial, they maintained a zero percent liability position in which they accepted no fault for our client’s injury. During the trial, through photographs and testimony, we were able to prove that the area where the water had puddled up was clearly visible by two or three employees who failed to take notice or, if they did notice, failed to remedy the situation.

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The area in question was in such poor condition that the rubber strips on the stairs had been rubbed away over a period of years and the hand rails were very far apart. For our 14-year-old client, who was seriously injured, we were able to secure a verdict of 100% fault on the part of the municipality. I was quite happy to have gotten that result because of the jury’s consideration of our role in the fall and also the standard to which they decided to hold the municipality and its people who were responsible for maintenance of the pool, as well as what citizens going into a building like that should reasonably expect.

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