Rights of Child Abuse Victims

Check out this video to learn about the rights of child abuse victims that have been signed into congress under the new child victims act in New York.


What are the rights of child abuse victims?


We’re sometimes asked, “What are my child’s rights if they’ve been abused by a priest, a teacher, or a coach in New York State?”Rights of Child Abuse Victims The governor just signed the Child Victims Act and what that does is it gives those people who have been abused rights to bring a claim when those claims would have otherwise been time-barred. That time frame is going to begin in the summer of 2019. It will stay open for one year, and that is going to be available to file claims for people, even if they’re adults now, as long as the abuse happened while they were children. Once that one-year window closes, all those old claims will be put back in that same category and you cannot pursue anything unless you’ve taken advantage of this one-year window under the Child Victims Act.

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