Seeking Medical Treatment After a Car Crash

Seeking Medical Treatment After a Car CrashIf you are involved in a motor vehicle collision, seeking medical treatment after a car crash should be your top priority. The adrenaline of the accident has the potential to mask the significance of your injuries. Even if you don’t feel injured, we recommend that you still get checked out by a doctor as soon as possible after a car crash.

Seeking Medical Treatment After a Car Crash | When Should I See a Doctor?

If you are injured in a car accident and you don’t receive immediate care, that does not prevent you from making a claim for injury if you are hurt in a car crash.

A lot of people think they are going to be okay after an accident. The person might feel sore that night or in morning, but they wait for it to go away as if it were muscle pain from working out at the gym. The pain experienced after a car accident is much different because it’s brought on by a traumatic event.  Most people will wait a day or even a week until they realize it’s more serious than they thought. If you are experiencing pain following an auto accident, it is suggested that you do not wait for that pain to go away and seek medical attention to rule out serious injury.

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Is There Any Specific Doctor I Should See?

Usually in cases involving bone or joint injuries, certain orthopedic doctors will focus either on the spine, upper extremities, or lower extremities. Orthopedics is a highly focused and specialized area; these doctors dedicate their entire career and life to one area of the body.

When you come to us, we will ask you about what areas are injured, and what is bothering you. Then, we advise you on what type of specialist might be best for your injuries. Specialty offices may require a backup referral from your primary care doctor.

Seeking Medical Treatment After a Car Crash | Can a Chiropractor Help?

Chiropractors can be very important with the healing of spinal injuries. Chiropractors are involved in the manipulation of the spine to remove subluxations which occur when there’s trauma to the body.

In a subluxation, spinal bones lose their normal position and motion. Because of an accident or fall, they often pop out of place.  When the vertebrae pop out of place it can cause localized pain and it can also cause peripheral types of pain or symptoms.  Your body knows it’s been injured, and it’ll start to tighten up the muscles. You may start having difficulty turning your head, flexing, and extending. Once that happens, the chiropractors need to go in to straighten that out. This removes the pressure off the exiting nerve routes off the spine and aligns everything into place.

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