Documentation of Nursing Home Injuries

Like all evidence if it’s not collected quickly it can disappear or fade because we are often trying to protect people who are older and may not have same memory skills they had twenty years earlier.  Documenting what you’ve witness or what these people have told you can be critically important.

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Use your cellphone for photographs, use notepads and pens to take notes, to record dates and times. Oftentimes, a calendar could help because it might help refresh the memory of a person you are trying to assess when recalling what happened and when. Recording devices such as cellphones or a tape recorder can be critically important for somebody who is older or who may have some lucid moments and then some senile moments, you want to be able to capture the evidence of the person who has suffered while you can.

We have several cases that have come unfortunately after the fact, when the love one has already passed and those clients have told us how they wish they could have taken out their cellphone and just taken a recording of what their mother or father had told them while they were still able to.

This blog was provided by Richard Nicotra, an experienced nursing home negligence lawyer.

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