Slip and Fall Injuries at Public Pools

Though summer has winded down and fall is in full swing, public pools will remain open as long as the mild weather lingers. Though pool staff members strive to ensure that their facilities are safe, hygienic, and easy to use, because of the sheer number of weekly patrons at public pools entering and exiting the water, it can be difficult to maintain dry surfaces around the pools. Slip and fall injuries at public pools are understandably a regular occurrence, but when these accidents happen in areas that should otherwise be dry, the injured parties may be able to file claims. Buffalo personal injury attorney Richard Nicotra explains in the video below which circumstances surrounding slips and falls at public facilities may provide the grounds for a lawsuit.

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From time to time, we have gotten calls from clients who were injured when they slipped on floor surfaces or decks, either at a local pool or at a school. Those kinds of cases are challenging because, by their very nature, those surfaces can be expected to be wet. Some issues do arise, though, such as when certain areas are wet when they should be dry walkways or are not maintained. Entrance areas near exterior doors even become treacherous because one can expect water, snow, or ice to be tracked in. The exceptions to that general rule make it challenging to bring a claim for a premises liability case, such as one in which water has accumulated around a pool deck or a similar area.

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