Statute of Limitations for a Boat Accident Claim

Statute of Limitations for a Boat Accident Claim

Statute of Limitations for a Boat Accident ClaimIf you have been seriously injured in a boating accident on Lake Erie, you may be eligible to receive compensation. However, you will need to act fast to avoid missing the statute of limitations for a boat accident claim in New York. Contact our experienced Buffalo personal injury attorneys today for legal guidance.

Statute of Limitations for a Boat Accident Claim | Deadline

Because New York State’s statute of limitations is not affected by what the injured party may have been riding or driving, boating injuries are considered general negligence and therefore subject to a three-year statute of limitations. Regardless of the time allowed to bring suit, the case’s most important elements are often established through early investigation, which includes interview and fact-sharing with your attorney.

Therefore you should file your personal injury claim well before the statute of limitations expires. Doing so will allow your attorney to conduct a full investigation and preserve the facts of the case before evidence is lost and witnesses forget.

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Statute of Limitations for a Boat Accident Claim | Liability

In New York State, if you are injured during a recreational water activity, there are certain protections that prevent lawsuits if the injury sustained was one that could be predictable. For example, going off a jump on a jet-ski is inherently dangerous, and the injury could have been easily avoidable by simply not doing it.

However, if a boat suddenly crosses your path or you are hit by another jet skier, then the negligent party would be responsible for your injuries. That is where we would investigate the liability portion of your claim.

If you have any questions about filing a boat accident injury claim, please contact our experienced Buffalo boat accident lawyers to schedule a free consultation.

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