Successful Case From a Slip and Fall on Ice

In this educational video, experienced Buffalo injury attorney Robert Maranto details a recent successful case from a slip and fall on ice injury. Call today for immediate help.

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There’s one recent case I’d like to talk about that I believe illustrates how we at Andrews, Bernstein, Maranto, and Nicotra operate differently than other firms. We had a client who was involved in a slip and fall on ice accident. Inherently, those are very difficult cases in New York State, particularly in the Western New York area. There’s another local law firm, that does quite a bit of advertising here locally that had the case before us. This woman went to this firm and they were trying to negotiate a settlement for her case. She had a pretty severe fracture.

After making a determination, that firm thought liability was very difficult, and on the injuries made a demand of the insurance company of $150,000. As a demand, obviously, it’s not the number they were looking for. They were looking for a compromised number from that figure. The client was unhappy with that demand of $150,000 and decided that she was going to look elsewhere, and she came to me at our firm. I agreed with her. I didn’t think $150,000 demand was reasonable in the case. I thought the case had more value.

The issues of a slip and fall on ice in Western New York provides some challenges, but we took the case. We prosecuted the case and worked very hard. Ultimately, we went to mediation, which did not work, and we were getting closer to trial.

We were able to resolve that cas for $395,000, which is a number that I think is almost near full value for the case. The insurance company had come up from 150 to $175,000 and we had rejected those numbers. Finally, when they came up to $395,000 the client was very happy. I believed, at that point, that it was a number that fell within the parameters of a range that I would have been comfortable with.

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