What To Know About IME’s

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The term independent, quite honestly, is ironic. Contractually what happens in an independent medical exam is that a no fault carrier is allowed to hire a doctor of their choice to take a look at you to make a determination as to whether or not they think you need more treatment. The no fault insurance company is hiring a doctor and that doctor is then going to make a determination whether the no-fault insurance company should pay additional money to treat you. We all know they have an incentive to not do so, so during that process we see a lot of the same doctors being hired by the same insurance companies on a regular basis.

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And if and when we get no-fault denials from those doctors it’s our responsibility through an arbitration process or through a litigation process to go after the insurance companies for the biased reports that are coming in from the doctors that they are paying to protect them from having to continue with benefits for you.

This blog was provided by Robert Maranto, one of our experienced accident attorneys.