4 Nursing Home Negligence Questions

Has your loved one experienced nursing home negligence? Check out these 4 nursing home negligence questions and contact our office today for a free consultation.

4 Nursing Home Negligence Questions1. What should people do to document nursing home injuries?

  • Evidence should be collected quickly, considering that elders don’t have the best memory skills
  • Use your cell phone for pictures, to keep track dates and times, and to record lucid moments
  • You want to capture any evidence that you can for the sake of your loved ones

2. What should you do if you suspect nursing home neglect?

  • Take action if you suspect any nursing home neglect
  • Don’t lose an opportunity to document what is or what you may think is happening
  • Advice the nursing home of your concerns in writing, so that there is a record on hand
  • An investigation may be done, and you will be provided with results
  • The nursing home should behave carefully when they know that they are being looked at closely

3. What are some signs of nursing home neglect?

  • Neglect can be as obvious as bruising and malnutrition
  • Neglect can also be as less obvious as bed sores, and the resident being silent from mental abuse
  • Family and friends can search for these signs to determine the quality of the care
  • If your loved one cannot communicate with you, search for unspoken signs of neglect

4. What is important to know about nursing home injuries?

  • Nursing Home Injuries are a result of neglect and abuse
  • It is important to know nursing home laws, how to document neglect and abuse, who to report it to, and what to expect after consulting an attorney
  • Nursing home residents have raised and supported us, and are now at a point where they need quality care

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