Construction Site Fall Injury

Have you been hurt on the job? Watch this educational video on handling a construction site fall injury, then contact one of our accident lawyers.

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We get calls from clients who are injured when they fall from a height at a construction site, whether it be from scaffold or from a ladder. Depending on what type of work they’re doing, they might be protected by the Strict Liability Statute of Section 240 of the construction law. The labor law does apply if people are working at a height, and they are doing more than just cleaning or routine maintenance.

If there’s a repair, parts replacement, if they’re doing structural changes, people working in those fields have a special protection because they’re both doing that activity and doing so at an elevation. If the elevation is a cause of the injury or harm, then they fall under the protection of that labor law, Section 240. That can be a great benefit because the workers who are working at elevations are the most vulnerable and susceptible to injury of most of the labor force.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured at work or have questions about a construction site fall injury, contact our Buffalo Construction Accident Attorneys to schedule a free legal consultation.

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