After an Industrial Accident

In this video, our experienced Buffalo injury attorney discusses what you need to do after an industrial accident to make sure your rights are protected.


What should I do after being injured in an industrial accident?


Many times, industrial accidents occur when someone is within the scope of their employment. The first thing that someone should do if they’re involved in one of these accidents is report it to their employer. After an Industrial Accident As a result of these types of accidents, it would be necessary to open up a workers’ compensation claim in order to cover your expenses, which includes the medical treatment that you’re going to get as a result of the industrial accident. Next, contact an attorney. The information you provide to the employer should be very limited because that information ultimately will become part of a permanent file for you, and the things that you say or report to your employer ultimately could be used against you later on. When contacting an attorney regarding industrial accidents, you need to make sure that the attorneys have had experience in these areas. At our firm, we’ve handled many industrial accident cases, from explosion cases to chemical inhalation cases, and a wide array of other types of cases.

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