Information About Negligent Security Cases

Information About Negligent Security CasesIf you are ever assaulted in a public place—for example, a parking lot, grocery store, or hotel—you may be eligible to receive personal injury compensation. You will not be bringing a claim against the assailant (that would most likely result in a criminal case); rather, you will be bringing a claim against the establishment for failing to provide adequate security while on their property. For more information about negligent security cases, please contact Andrews, Bernstein, Maranto & Nicotra PLLC to schedule a free consultation.

Information About Negligent Security Cases | How We Prove Liability

Sometimes we are asked how a negligent security case is different than other personal injury cases, such as a slip and fall or car accident. With a negligent security claim, or if the security guards behaved in a violent manner, there are a couple different layers. We track it back to the employees’ interview process. The training process could’ve been years ago. Is there a handbook? Are there follow-ups? Some stores have videos new employees are required to watch and an education process that continues afterward.

Other places don’t give much training at all. They might give somebody a uniform or just a spot at the door without any adequate supervision of how they are doing their job. Inadequate training, inadequate retention of that employee, and an inadequate performance review process are all factors to consider.

Information About Negligent Security Cases | Case Value

The answer to how much a negligent security case is worth always depends on a lot of factors. Can the evidence prove that the premises owner was negligent? Did they retain somebody with a violent history? Did they not do background checks? Did they not train these employees in what to expect and how to handle certain things that become dangerous?

Negligent security case value is based on the strength of the negligence claim, coupled with how serious the injuries are. Pain and suffering might exist. Is there a lost wage component? If so, is it a closed period or is it ongoing? Will they be disabled forever? There are so many components as to what goes into value. Although it’s one of the most common and valid questions, it’s a question that drives every single case drives on its own merits based upon the facts and damages.

Were you or a loved one injured due to inadequate security and have questions about filing a negligent security claim? Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation with our experienced Buffalo negligent security lawyers.

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