Assault at an Establishment

Buffalo injury attorney Robert Maranto discusses a recent assault at an establishment that resulted in a large settlement for our client.

I was recently involved in a case where my client was assaulted at an establishment that was tasked with watching over him. In this case, there was insufficient security and personnel in the area to protect my client against someone that they knew or should have known would be dangerous to them. The establishment maintained a position that they had no idea that the individual who was involved in the assault would have any tendencies towards this type of behavior.

It took an incredibly long period of time for us to finally get the records from the establishment. We went through multiple motions in order to uncover evidence that they were trying to withhold from us. When I was finally able to get through the layers of bureaucracy and (in my opinion) deceitful statements by the establishment, we were able to establish that the individual who was involved in the assault was to be expected to engage in that type of activity.

This is a case that was scheduled to trial with this establishment. They had not offered any type of settlement throughout the entire discovery period. Immediately prior to trial, the case settled for multiple six-figures.

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