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Auto Accident Cases | Buffalo Personal Injury AttorneysBeing involved in an auto accident can be terribly frightening. You may have sustained physical injuries as well as damage to your vehicle. Dealing with the fallout of an accident can be stressful and you may be worried about how this is going to affect your life financially. It takes a Buffalo personal injury attorney that is experienced in handling New York auto accident cases to help you recover the compensation you deserve. Continue reading to learn more about auto accident cases in New York State.

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Auto Accident Cases | Mistakes to Avoid

Some of the most common mistakes that we see with people who are in auto accidents take place shortly after the accident. Sometimes your insurance company, or even the other insurance company, will call to get your statement. We tell our clients not to give any statements without the attorney present (either in the room or on a conference call) when an insurance company calls them. These companies will try to ask questions that are not helpful to the case and are sometimes misleading. In these instances, if they trick you into saying something, we are stuck with that recorded statement because the client gave it freely.

Other things that some people forget to do is take photos of the auto accident scene itself. We had one client come in with photos of the cars as they sat after the impact. That alone was critical to proving to the other driver’s insurance company that the story their insured was giving them was completely false.  It allowed us to show that their insured was at fault and they needed to pay our property damage as well as (eventually) the pain and suffering bodily injury recovery.

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The Buffalo auto accident attorneys at Andrews, Bernstein, Maranto & Nicotra, PLLC fight for the rights of persons who are injured or disabled. We approach each case on an individual basis and personally assist each client with their unique needs. We are involved in every step of the legal process and ensure that each case receives the time and effort necessary for success. Contact our Buffalo personal injury attorneys today for a free consultation.

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