Avoiding Trial

In this video, Attorney Robert Maranto discusses the options available if avoiding a trial for your injury.  

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This is a question that we are asked quite often. I can say that most cases settle before the actual trial. We do not actively try to settle early on; certain cases resolve themselves, sometimes when we are on the doorsteps of the courthouse itself. In order for us to maximize what we get for you, insurance companies have to know that we are willing to go to trial. This is a key difference that allows our law firm to stand out from others: the insurance companies know that we take these cases to trial. For that reason, they know that they are not going to buy-out of these cases inexpensively.

We do have clients who simply do not want to go to trial. To strengthen these cases, we choose to not communicate this fact to the insurance company, and we proceed as if these cases were heading to trial. Ultimately, most of these cases will be able to be resolved prior to going to trial, particularly if our clients do not want to be cross-examined involved in a full litigation. There are alternative ways of resolving cases that allow us on occasion to not have to go to trial, including mediations, arbitrations, and what we call summary jury trials, which last only one day. We take it into consideration when our clients tell us that they have little desire to be involved in a full trial.