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Things to Avoid After an Accident

This short informational legal video was provided by the experienced Buffalo attorneys at Andrews, Bernstein & Maranto, PLLC.

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When people are involved in an accident, they should avoid doing certain things. First of all, we recommend that you not give any statement or talk to the insurance companies because they ask a certain series of questions in a specific way that may not be in your best interest. In fact, some insurance companies will come to your door with a checkbook and offer you a check for $500 or $1,000 if you’ll sign a piece of paper releasing all of your claims. Unfortunately, many clients don’t know what’s happening in that situation because everything is coming at them so quickly.

Obviously, our recommendation is that you first contact an attorney who focuses in that area. You should avoid trying to handle things yourself because, when you come to our firm, there’s no cost for anything we do to help you unless we’re successful in obtaining pain and suffering compensation – essentially money – for what you’re going through, and that happens only at the end of your treatment, at the end of your case. There’s no downside or cost to having somebody like us help you from the get-go, and that help will prevent whatever mistakes you might make on your own.