Steps to File a Lawsuit

In this video, Attorney Andrew Connelly explains the steps you must take to file a lawsuit for an auto accident.  Contact one of our experienced personal injury lawyers in Buffalo NY if you were injured.

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In order to file a lawsuit in New York State, certain things must be done before you can file that paperwork with the county clerk’s office. For example, you might be required to file what’s called a Notice of Claim with a local municipality within 90 days of the accident. If you don’t do that, you may lose your right to file a lawsuit later. The statute of limitations on these cases can vary greatly, and there’s a one-year statute of limitations that affects filing claims against certain entities. On the other hand, a three-year statute of limitations applies in most cases, when you’re alleging negligence against another person.

The key to success is to make sure you preserve your right to file that lawsuit by filing the appropriate documents before the deadline. We can certainly help you with that, and we will gladly talk with you about what you need to do to ensure timely filing of all your paperwork. If we have to do an early deposition – and sometimes a municipality will require that – we’ll do that with you, making sure to keep everything in line so that you can file your lawsuit if the insurance company – or the municipality – doesn’t settle your case within the time frame set forth by the statute of limitations.

Out of Town Legal Resources

We don’t practice in Florida, but we are constantly looking for attorneys and quality online resources that can help people across the country. We found a personal injury attorney in Miami, FL that did a great job with their online educational resources. If you are ever injured in an accident in Florida, check out their online personal injury resources.