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Why You Should Choose Us as Your Injury Attorneys

In this video, Attorney Robert Maranto explains how our office will fight for your full recovery if you choose us as your attorneys.  Contact one of our experienced personal injury lawyers in Buffalo NY if you were seriously injured.

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We are significantly different than many of the law firms that currently operate in the Western New York area. All our lawyers have considerable experience both in personal injury and as trial lawyers. Our lawyers have all tried cases pertaining to the negligence of others. We do not delegate cases to lawyers with little experience; we handle each case as if it is our only case. Because of our focus and commitment, we are able to maximize the recoveries that we obtain for our clients. All our lawyers are trained in understanding medicine, as this allows us to effectively argue cases in discussions with doctors, adjusters, and jurors. Our defining feature is our pledge to never settle cases merely to bring them to a quick end. We strive to advocate for our clients in their dealings with insurance companies, and we ensure that we maximize our clients’ compensation.