What to Do if a Family Member was Killed on the Job

As an experienced Buffalo Construction Accident Attorney, I am often asked what to do if a family member was killed on the job.

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  • A client whose loved one has been killed at a construction site wants to know whether they can still bring a claim and, if so, how it is done. The first step is setting up an estate, establishing an entity to pursue the deceased person’s claim.
  • Because New York State’s wrongful death statute of limitations is only two years, it is wise to consult an attorney and initiate the investigation as soon as possible.
  • Most of the work of setting up a simple, small estate can be done here. More complicated cases are shared with other law firms who handle the estate creation.
  • Investigation involves looking into all general contractors, project developers, or subcontractors who may have contributed to the situation.
  • We also gather proof of economic losses caused by the loss of the deceased person because, in a New York State wrongful death claim, that’s an important factor.

Was a loved one killed while working at a construction site?  Contact Buffalo Construction Accident Attorney Richard Nicotra to fight for your family.
This short informational legal video was provided by Richard Nicotra, an experienced Buffalo Construction Accident Attorney.