Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyers / Buffalo Construction Accident Lawyer Discusses a Pedestrian Becoming Injured Walking Through a Job Site

Pedestrian Becoming Injured Walking Through a Job Site

Sometimes as a Buffalo Construction Accident Lawyer, I get calls from pedestrians who were injured walking through a construction site.

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  • When potential clients are injured while passing through construction sites where they weren’t employed, their cases are very fact-specific.
  • Some sites have marked pedestrian walkways – or pedestrians are directed to certain areas where it is safe to walk.
  • Then, if something falls on a person, the ground is uneven, or planking is not secured, claims can be very strong.
  • If an accidental injury happens, it is important that photos are taken immediately – followed by prompt contact with an attorney who practices in this area.

Were you severely injured while walking through a construction site?  Contact dedicated Buffalo Construction Accident Lawyer Richard Nicotra for help.
This short informational legal video was provided by Richard Nicotra, an experienced Buffalo Construction Accident Lawyer.