Bringing a Claim Against a Bar for a DWI Accident

After involvement in an accident with a drunk driver who had been drinking in a local bar or restaurant, clients often ask me as a Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer, if they can make a claim that reaches beyond that driver to include the bar that may be responsible.

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  • New York State law calls this a Dram Shop Action which, essentially, holds a bar owner liable and considers him negligent if – based on investigation – it can be proved that somebody on their premises was served alcohol while visibly intoxicated.
  • Early on, your attorney will conduct a deposition to learn such things as who that driver was with, whether he had been there before, whether he is a regular, who was serving him, and how long he had been there.
  • Other relevant, albeit complicating, factors may arise if the offending driver had also visited other bars.

Were you injured by a drunk driver and you want to bring suit against the bar?  Contact dedicated Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer Richard Nicotra for guidance.
This short informational legal video was provided by Richard Nicotra, an experienced Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer.