Is My Injury Big Enough for an Attorney to Handle?

In this video, Attorney Robert Maranto explains how your injury is always worth discussing with an attorney. Contact one of our experienced personal injury attorneys in Buffalo NY if you were in an accident.

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  • Is My Injury Big Enough for an Attorney to Handle?  The answer to this often-asked question is almost always “Yes” – at least in the beginning.
  • Pain that feels fairly minor immediately after an accident may not remain minor, so “Let’s monitor this and see where we should go,” is the best approach.
  • Your case could become a multi-million-dollar case, despite the fact that on days one or two, you may not be feeling any major symptoms.
  • No matter how little pain one may feel immediately after an accident, it’s very important that certain things be done quickly, so you should call us immediately.


Out of Town Legal Resources

We are constantly looking for personal injury firms and resources in other parts of the country to help members of our community in case they’re injured out of state. If you or a loved one are injured in a car accident in Florida check out this personal injury firm in St. Petersburg, FL and their St. Petersburg Car Accident Guide.