Bus Stop Slip and Fall Injury

A serious bus stop slip and fall injury can result in medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering. Our Buffalo injury lawyers have helped countless residents throughout Western New York recover compensation through NFTA bus stop injuries. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Sometimes we get calls from potential clients regarding slip and falls that occur on ice near bus stops. It is a somewhat common occurrence depending on the weather patterns, the area, what kind of condition the sidewalk is around those bus stops, what the slope may look like, and what the drainage looks like. There can be a number of different people or entities that may be involved or liable if there’s a dangerous condition that’s not maintained around those bus stops.

First and foremost, at least locally around here, the NFTA has responsibility to maintain those structures. Depending on where the incident may occur, the city or town may also have some responsibility. Once somebody takes affirmative action to take steps towards remedying a situation like snow accumulation, they must do so in a non-negligent manner. If there’s an ice buildup there, either by way of poor drainage, improper drainage, or if there was improper snow removal that was done that caused a very icy, slick surface area where they know that customers or pedestrians are going to be waiting.

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