How A Warning Sign Affects Slip and Fall Claims

Watch the following educational video by dedicated Buffalo injury lawyer Richard Nicotra to learn how a warning sign affects slip and fall claims in New York. Contact one of our experienced personal injury lawyers in Buffalo NY if you were injured.

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People often ask what affect do warning signs have on their injury claim if there was a warning sign that was exhibited. There are a couple issues that are involved. Putting up a warning sign alone does not wipe out a landowner’s responsibility to be careful and to not be negligent to others that are either passing by or passing through. The issue surrounding signs – there are a couple. One of which is, is it visible?

For example, if somebody enters a property and falls into a condition that is dangerous, and there’s a warning sign maybe for people coming in from the other side, then that warning sign would have no bearing. If the warning sign is there but it’s obstructed by trees or bushes, or if for some other reason they were looking at another area that may have been attracting their attention – warning signs alone are one factor to consider, but are not determinative in and of themselves of negligence regarding the happening of a fall.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]The Personal Injury Lawyers at Andrews, Bernstein, Maranto & Nicotra, PLLC fight for the rights of persons who are injured or disabled. We approach each case on an individual basis and personally assist each client with their unique needs. We are involved in every step of the legal process, and ensure that each case receives the time and effort necessary for success.

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