Do I Need an Attorney for Being Hit by a Car While Biking?


I was in the bike lane, The driver was making a right on green. I got hit and flew over the handlebars and landed on my hands. I was bleeding and have minor nicks on my face. I got the information of a witness, (name, number) and the name, number and plates of the driver. I filed a police report. The driver was driving with a suspended license. I went to the hospital to have my wrists bandaged and x-rayed. I’m 25 and still using my parent’s health insurance. I would like my bike fixed and my medical bills covered. Also my right wrist is nearly immobile and the doctors are not sure if it is fractured but should know in the coming days.

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Having an attorney assist you with an injury claim is always a good idea.  In this circumstance, the insurance company for the car that struck you is responsible to pay all of your medical bills related to the accident.  Also, the witness should be contacted immediately for a statement as to what they saw happen.   Your bike may be covered under the property damage portion of the other driver’s insurance as well.  Please secure an estimate for repair of the bicycle.  If it is not repairable, then documentation of the fair market value is needed.

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