How To Select The Best Personal Injury Attorney For Your Case

When you are selecting an attorney to help you with your personal injury case, there are certain things that you should do.

Often times in the attorney client interview, the focus is on a client.  I think the focus should be more on the attorney.

When somebody brings you a stack of papers to sign, you should ask them questions.

Attorneys will start by asking you questions like:

  • “Where was the accident?”
  • “What hurts you?”
  • “What have you done about it?”
  • “Where do you work?”

Anyone can do that.  You need to look them back in the eye and ask them some critical questions, like:

  • “When was the last time you picked a jury?”
  • “What was your last verdict?”
  • “What was your biggest verdict?”
  • “Your results for people who have been in my situation”.

Before you hire an attorney, before you sign a retainer, before you do anything, you should use the attorney client interview to interview that attorney.

This personal injury blog post was provided by Buffalo Injury Lawyer Richard Nicotra.

2 thoughts on “How To Select The Best Personal Injury Attorney For Your Case

  1. Amanda Drew says:

    I was recently in an accident that resulted in my arm breaking. It wasn’t my fault, so I would like it if the other party had to help me pay my medical bills. I like how you suggest to ask the lawyer questions like “What’s your biggest verdict?”, “When was the last time you picked a jury?”, and what their results usually are for people in your own situation. Those questions should really help me find the right personal injury lawyer for me.

  2. Braden Bills says:

    I’m going to be going on a road trip soon, so I want to make sure that I’m ready in the case of an accident. It makes sense that I would want to ensure that I get a good attorney! That way they can help me figure out what I should and shouldn’t sign.

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