What Are The No-Fault Benefits in New York State?

One of the first things that typically gets asked by a client in any motor vehicle accident is, “What is going to happen for me with respect to the medical bills and any wages that I might lose as a result of being injured?” By law, every auto insurance policy in New York State has to provide no-fault benefits coverage.

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No-fault benefits are exactly as they are described, insurance benefits available despite who is at fault.  We don’t care who is at fault in order to get those benefits.  We go to the insurance company of the vehicle that you’re in, and through no-fault benefits, the insurance company is responsible for paying three things.

  • Medical Expenses
    The no fault insurance statute and the regulations are very thick.  All of the medical expenses get covered by the insurance company of the vehicle you are in.
  • Lost Wages
    No fault will pay 80% of your lost wages up to a maximum of $2000 per month for basic benefits.  We  also get benefits from New York State Disability.  No Fault will pay incidental expenses.
  • Incidental Expenses
    Incidental expenses come in a number of different ways.  We can get incidental expenses as mileage to and from doctors to get you compensated since you’re travel to the doctors and  to have household help if necessary.  Household help can be billed to an insurance company at a maximum of $25 per day.

No-fault insurance benefits offer $50,000 of total benefits.  Once that is exhausted, then we look to see if there is additional coverage under the policy.

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This car accident blog post was provided by Buffalo car accident injury lawyer Robert Maranto.

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