Illness Due to Hazardous Chemical Exposure

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Can I recover compensation if I became ill due to hazardous chemical exposure?


In New York State, inhalation cases are very interesting as the plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer. Some of those inhalation cases come in the form of asbestos cases, some come in the form of mold inhalation cases, Illness Due to Hazardous Chemical Exposure but the purpose of this discussion is we talk about industrial inhalation, meaning chemicals. In those cases, we look to see the effects those chemicals had on the lungs. Particularly, we’re looking to see if, as a result of having some type of biopsy, x-rays or CAT scans, there’s been any internal damage. Specifically, we’re looking to see if there’s been atelectasis, which is a scarring of the lungs that causes them to lose their elasticity. When they become inelastic, the lung doesn’t expand, and it becomes difficult to breathe.

In these cases, it’s extremely important to have the proper experts involved. The problem with inhalation cases is bridging the inhalation gap to the causation of the problem. That expert is important to come in to rule out other factors that may cause or contribute to any type of problem that the person was predisposed to.

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